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Yaruki Japanese Restaurant

Welcome to

Yaruki Japanese Restaurant

We are proud to present the best of Japanese cuisine.

Yoshi Jang

Head Chef

Owned by head chef Yoshi Jang, a master of his craft after 26 years cooking in Korea, Japan and New Zealand, this is a shrine to Japanese cuisine.

Yoshi graduated science of nutrition major from Yuhan university in 1988. He worked Shilla Hotel which is best in Korea. where he also studied traditional Japanese cuisine at Hottori cooking college – hence the beautifully scrolled certificates on the wall. He also worked in Korinbo Yotei in Shinjuku Japan. He worked as a chef's best career. He migrated to New Zealand in 2000, and after providing Henderson with fabulous food for seven years, he sold up there and opened Yaruki in Browns Bay so far. He always meet each and every one of customer of fresh ingredients and best wishes. He feel the happiest when customers are very happy and enjoy Yaruki cuisine.

Enjoy Yaruki Cuisine

He always meet each and every one of customer of fresh ingredients and best wishes.

The best of authentic

Japanese cuisine

Customers get the full hospitality experience here – sitting in a beautifully decorated restaurant, waited on by charming staff, and enjoying Yoshi’s food.

An excellent way to dip into Japanese cuisine is by going for the delightfully named Yaruki O-Makase course meal for two people. It’s quite substantial – starter, entree, daily special, sushi, sashimi, tempura mori, hot pot sukiyaki or yose nabe and dessert.




Great cosy atmosphere~ very friendly and attentive staff- am bringing family back next week! Has salmon sashimi and prawn tempura - both great! hidden little gem, deserve a lot more reviews

Ash Curtis